Comparing Waterless Washes to Traditional Car Wash Methods

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As President of Shinykings Inc., I've always believed in innovation and efficiency, especially when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding, I've enlisted the expertise of our lead chemical engineer to delve into the differences between waterless washes and traditional car wash methods. This post will highlight the benefits, environmental impact, and technological advancements of our waterless motorcycle cleaner, Wash&Shine 66. This guide is optimized for the keyword "motorcycle cleaner" to help you make an informed decision about the best cleaning method for your bike.

The Basics: Waterless Washes vs. Traditional Car Washes

Waterless Washes:

  • Definition: A waterless wash uses a specialized formula to clean and shine a vehicle without the need for water.
  • Application: Spray the cleaner onto the vehicle and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. You achieve best results by using a high pile high quality microfibre cloth for the cleaning. Use a short pile cloth for the polishing and buffing to ultra shine. 
  • Example: Wash&Shine 66, our advanced waterless motorcycle cleaner.

Traditional Car Washes:

  • Definition: A traditional wash involves using water, soap, and various cleaning tools to wash a vehicle.
  • Application: Hose down the vehicle, apply soap, scrub, rinse, and dry.
  • Example: Home washes or commercial car wash facilities.

Environmental Impact

Water Conservation:

Traditional Washes: A typical home car wash can use up to 150 gallons of water per wash. This not only leads to significant water wastage but also contributes to higher water bills.

Waterless Washes: Products like Wash&Shine 66 require no water, making them an eco-friendly alternative. By eliminating the need for water, you conserve a vital resource and reduce your environmental footprint.

Chemical Runoff:

Traditional Washes: The runoff from traditional car washes often contains harmful chemicals that can enter storm drains and contaminate local water supplies.

Waterless Washes: Our Wash&Shine 66 formula is designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing the risk of chemical runoff and protecting local ecosystems.

Technological Advancements in Waterless Washes

I'm particularly proud of the advancements we've made with our Wash&Shine 66 motorcycle cleaner. Here's a deeper dive into the technology behind it:

Instant Crawler Technology:

Mechanism: This technology allows the formula to encapsulate dirt and grime, lifting it off the surface without scratching. The encapsulated dirt is then easily wiped away with a microfiber cloth. See picture.

Benefits: This not only cleans the motorcycle effectively but also leaves a stunning shine without the need for water. The Shine does not result from waxes like in common products nor does it contain cheap SiO2 which forms a additional layer which does not really bond if its not formulated in a real coating.

The Shine results from a special formulation that contains a polymere molecular structure that forms on the upper side and is activated by buffing and polishing.

Advanced Formulation:

Ingredients: Wash&Shine 66 is composed of biodegradable ingredients that are safe for both the user and the environment.

Performance: The advanced formulation ensures that it not only cleans but also provides a similar protective layer like common waxes and does also protects from UV radiation. 

As it is no coating like our graphene coating it needs to be re applicated once your bike gets dirty. 

Practicality and Convenience

Traditional Washes:

Time-Consuming: Washing a motorcycle with traditional methods can take a significant amount of time, from setting up to drying.

Space Requirements: Requires access to a water source and space to wash and dry the vehicle.

Waterless Washes:

Time-Saving: With Wash&Shine 66, you can clean your motorcycle anywhere, anytime. The entire process takes a fraction, of the time compared to traditional methods. I set my personal record for cleaning my Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic in less than 3 Minutes, after returning from a 2000 mls trip to Bike week daytona earlier this year!

Portability: Perfect for riders who live in apartments or places without easy access to a hose. You can keep a bottle of Wash&Shine 66 and a microfiber cloth in your saddlebag for quick cleanups on the go.

It was fun when i rode to Sturgis where i stayed at Kickstands Campground for couple of days and saw fellas using our Wash&Shine 66 waterless bike wash.

Follow us at Instagram at and see the videos and pictures from Sturgis and many more bike meetings.

Real-World Benefits

Here's what some of our customers have experienced using Wash&Shine 66:

"I can clean my bike in less than 15 minutes with Wash&Shine 66. It's perfect for quick touch-ups before a ride." - Jake L.

"Living in the city, I don't have access to a hose. Wash&Shine 66 lets me keep my bike looking great without any hassle." - Lisa M.

"I love that I can clean my bike without wasting water or worrying about harmful runoff." - Mike T.

Personal Note

As someone who’s been riding for over 35 years, I understand the importance of keeping your bike in top condition. At Shinykings, we’re committed to providing innovative products that make motorcycle care easier and more effective. Our Wash&Shine 66 motorcycle cleaner is a testament to that commitment, combining advanced technology with practical benefits.

Ready to experience the benefits of waterless washing? >> EXPLORE HERE << our range of products and keep your bike looking its best with minimal effort. 


All the best and ride safe!

Athanasios "Aki" Vamparis


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