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About Shinykings


The story behind Shinykings.

At the start of September 2015, two ambitious bikers, Athanasios "Aki" Vamparis and Werner Schmid, were back on tour, which took them to Europe’s biggest HD motorbike meetups. After a long ride over the Alps, during which they encountered capricious weather on various occasions, they arrived to their destination, Faak am See, in Austria to sunny skies. Just as they parked their bikes, they saw a familiar sight again: that of a dirty bike! To remedy this problem, they searched for a way to get their rides shiny again, just as they looked at the start of the tour. But, sadly, it was in vain.
Driven by the thought of being able to wash one’s motorbike anytime, anywhere, without any water, as well as quickly and easily, a suitable solution needed to be developed.
This is how the idea for Wash & Shine 66 under the company name ShinyKings was born.
In the course of the following months, "Aki", CEO of a nanotechnology company, and Werner , a senior executive at one of the German car manufacturers, let their team of leading american and german chemical engineers develop the first prototypes of Wash & Shine 66. The result was a waterless motorcycle wash and wax with Shinykings` revolutionary intelligent crawler technology for instant, waterless cleaning with instant ultra shine effect on all surfaces. 

Beside Wash&Shine 66 waterless motorcyle wash a special formulation has been created to be used on any car, truck, RV and comes with a slight sence of the california orange. Wash&Shine 66 waterless car wash can be used on any surface inside and outside of cars, trucks, RV´s and cleans and shines any surfaces even hard, dirt, grit, tar and even bird droppings and leaves a stunning showroom level shine. 

We are also happy that this great product has no impact on the environment and, in times of water shortage, allows us to get by without a drop of water anytime anywhere, at home or on the open road. 

Beside the vehicle cleaning products, Shinykings manufacturers and sells worlds unique Nano Sealants Nano Coating and Impregnation products for stone, concrete, Wood, Glass and many more. 

Shinykings Inc. is a Los Angeles , CA based company with development laboratories in Germany and the US, as well as premium manufacturing plant in Germany under Shinykings Inc. supervision to deliver premium products for premium care to be used in the professional and private automotive field as well as in the Home & Garden section. 

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime at info at shinykings . com