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The 2 founders of Shinykings California

The two founders of Shinykings California are Athanasios "Aki" and Werner, both self-confessed motorcycle freaks. They have been riding side by side as Brothers for decades and rode to a lot of various motorcycle meetings in the US and Europe. But one thing was always a problem: How to clean their own Harley, especially when there is no water connection nearby?
"Aki" as the CEO of a worldwide operating nanotechnology company with headquarter in the US and Werner, as a manager of a leading German car manufacturer decided to initiate and push the development of a suitable product, that will solve their problem. The result after a more than 3 years development by a team of specialists and many laboratory and practical tests on their own motorcycles and cars: Wash&Shine 66 - waterless bike wash. A product that, thanks to its unique Instant Crawler technology, removes dirt from all surfaces, cleans intensively, gentle, streak- and scratch-free, and provides a super shine on the bike within minutes. Wash&Shine 66 was originally developed only for their own needs, but due to the demand of many biker friends & brothers, the two decided to launch Wash&Shine 66 on the market. Shinykings Inc. was born. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and runs warehouses on the west coast, east coast and mid-west as well as in central Europe. 
Wash&Shine 66 bike wash- a product developed by bikers for bikers. And as we live the Bikerscode: Give respect - Get respect and A word is a word. So we do not promise anything that we cannot keep. Keep the rubber down and the bikes clean! 

Beside the love for our motorcycles we do also love our cars. And they will get the right treatment with our "California Orange" scent product Wash&Shine 66 car wash. 

Office address:

Shinykings Inc, 120 Newport Centre Drive
Newport Beach, CA, 92666
Unites States
EMail: info at shinykings.com
Tel: 657 999 9357

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