Best quick detailer for car, truck, SUV, RV

Here at you will find the best quick detailer for your car, truck and RV. Due to it`s world unique and revolutionary "Intelligent Crawler Technology" Wash&Shine 66 waterless car wash was awarded best waterless car detailing products in the market. More than 3 years of development by leading american and german chemical engineers finally lead into the best waterless quick detailer with a revolutionary formular in order to achieve a scratch-free spotless shine cleaning experience within minutes. 

Wash&Shine 66 waterless car wash can be used on all surfaces, even convertible tops

With Wash&Shine 66 waterless car wash you are now able to clean, shine and protect all of the surfaces outside and inside of your car, truck or RV as well as convertible tops. 

Use the best quick detailer Wash&Shine 66 carwash as a wet cleaner too

The best quick detailer Wash&Shine 66 is a multi purpose car cleaning product, and can be used as a 100% waterless carwash or as a wet carwash. 

Combine the revolutionary formular with the special designed cleaning cloths for Ultra deep cleaning and Ultrashine.

To get the best possible experience use the special microfibre towels to get the best waterless car wash kit for your car wash at home or on the road.



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