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Wow, amazing concrete sealant, verified purchase through amazon!

Have heard about this from a very old friend in Germany. They were using it since years to seal their driveways, terraces and facades. It has huge amount of positive reviews and a long years reputation over there. Happy to have it finally here in the US. The product works as described, spray, let it dry for about 30 minutes, done. Easy and best product I have used so far. German knows how to develop products. Love it, as it gains an immediate water repellant effect. But what I like most is, that it can be applied to any kind of soaking stone material, not only concrete, and it can be reapplied any time. I have applied it to pool and garage driveway. Works excellent.
Gary Whitemore, WY


This stuff is awesome! Shined up my baby within minutes. Also got rid of the bugs within seconds. Will buy again. Make sure you order at least 2-3 towels. I needed 2 towels per bike cleaning. Product worked as described. P.S. i got the 20% offer from Sturgis, try STURGIS as a coupon code.
Jason Stranovic


I am on my way to Sturgis, too bad i didn`t catch the coupon code before. But will reorder for sure. This stuff is really doing what it promises.
Martin Strecker


Used aero for years, but this ons tops it by far. also can use it dry or wet. very nice finish, and i like it especially as i can use it in and outside.
John Buttalgio

Best Concrete Sealer ever

I am using concrete sealers since many many years on my driveway. Got the SP5000 through amazon couple of months ago. Compared to the ones i used before: This is the best ever. It still works and driveway still clean.
Martin Huffmeister

SHINYKINGS Inc. - Life made simple.

100% Made in USA

Shinykings is a US American company based in Newport Beach California.
In all our products our credo "Life made simple" is the most important thing.

15+ years Expertise

For more than 15 years we have been developing and producing cleaning agents, nano sealing and nano coating products for the industrial sector. Through the continuous development of existing technology standards, we also offer premium products from the industrial sector for the private user in the home & garden, household and automotive sector since more than a decade now.

Unique products, unique technologies, trusted by tens of thousands professionals in more than 40 countries

With our brands CleanglaS and StoneprotecT as well as Wash&Shine 66 and Queenwipes, we offer premium products to preserve value and facilitate cleaning for surfaces of all kinds. Trusted by customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. We are especially proud of our worldwide unique technologies in the field of nano sealing for stone, glass, ceramics, plastics and paint, which have enabled us to become the market leader in countries such as the high-tech location Germany. Shinyking's products like the waterless motorcycle cleaner, but also nano sealants like the unique graphene sealants for motorcycle, car, and RV as well as graphene sealants for shower, window, and glazing of all kinds were developed in the USA and produced with proud in the United States.

Own development labs, own manufacturing.

Unlike most other companies / brands on the market, we develop our products ourselves. We do not import goods from the Far East, relabel them and market that as made in the US one. This is one of the main reason we are proud to call ourselves NANO EXPERTS, because we know what we are doing, we know what our products can do and why they are always one step better than the rest. Therefore, we are often asked whether we offer our products as a private label. In certain industries we offer this, but not in the consumer sector.

Logistics & Shipping

Through our warehouse in Texas we guarantee the fastest possible shipping times to all 48 lower states within the USA. International shipping is handled through our Texas location and our European shipping warehouse.

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