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2019-04-30 09:25:26  

Shined up my 2 babies (Streetglide and Heritage) and comparing it to the waterless products like Chemical guys and Aero this one tops everything i`ve ever used. this motorcycle cleaner is amazing. it worked on all my painted, my rims, tires and also my leather bags. CU guys in sturgis.

Jeremy Wong, FL

2019-04-30 09:35:37  TOP quality

works as promised and shown on the videos, even better. towels are incredible. Will reorder again!

Ashley W. , Portland OR

2019-04-16 12:33:33 Grade A+++++

amazing product. super result. Used it on my Ultra Glide

M. Miller, NV
best motorcycle cleaner

“Introducing The Revolutionary New Way To Easily Clean And Detail Your Own Motorcycle Anywhere & Anytime… WITHOUT One Single Drip of Water!” From Bikers 4 Bikers.

Forget about using lots of different detailing products and waisting hundreds of gallons of water to clean your motorcycle and get back shine after a cruise. Now, you can wash your motorcycle anytime - anywhere. At home, on the spot and also on the road. And beside the ultimate fast, 100% scratch-free - 100 % effective and ultra shine cleaning, with the worlds unique crawler technology, no poisonous or environmentally harmful wastewater is passed into the sewer system.

Wash&Shine 66 by Shinykings California is a professional scratch free motorcycle wash, motorcycle cleaning and shine care combined in a All in One product. 

Use ShinyKings Wash & Shine 66 In Only 3 Simple Steps!

Step #1: SPRAY

The first step is to spray the area directly on your bike that you’d like to clean and protect. It’s best to spray from top to bottom, and on more dirty areas, let Wash & Shine sit briefly to absorb and penetrate the most caked-on areas.


Once Wash & Shine 66 is applied, use ShinyKings high fiber microfiber cloth side to gently remove stuck on dirt or grime. It’s important to not rub or this may cause scratching.

Step #3: DRY & POLISH

And finally, once the dirt or grime is removed, use the short fiber microfiber cloth to dry polish and you’re all done! In only a matter of a few short minutes, your bike will look as good as new!

The Award-Winning Bike Wash Product That Every Loyal Motorcycle Owner Should Own!

As you know, your own motorcycle can get dirty pretty quickly when you’re out on the open road. It can be a magnet for dust, dirt, grime and other elements of nature (including bird droppings).

But the problem with detailing your own motorcycle to restore that perfect shine is that it can take a wide variety of products.

Not only can these be expensive, but it’s also not convenient for you to carry these products with you at all times in case you want to clean your motorcycle, wherever you are.

Now, luckily for you, that’s about to change thanks to the 100% waterless bike wash called Wash & Shine 66.

With Wash & Shine 66, you can restore your motorcycles perfect shine no matter where you are, day or night. You can wash your motorcycle at the comfort of your own home, or out on the open road in the great outdoors.

Our ultra-effective and powerful cleaner contains zero poisonous or environmentally harmful wastewater or other toxic solutions that can harm your most cherished bike. Wash & Shine 66 is a premium productspecifically made to CLEAN, SHINE and PROTECTyour motorcycle in just a matter of minutes. And best of all, do it all without any scratching or corrosive chemicals unlike most cleaners.

Intelligent Crawler Technology for gentle, scratch-free cleaning.

Wash&Shine 66 has been developed by leading chemical engineers over years for professional use. The revolutionary self organizing crawler technology makes motorcycle cleaning easy as never before. It works on any surface and  combines scratch free vehicle cleaning, shine care, and protection in a Ready to use All in one product. Thanks to the worlds unique formulation, you can clean and shine your Motorcycle in one step anytime and anywhere. 

You can apply Wash & Shine 66 to all areas of your own bike, including chrome, plastic, wheels, leather, and painted surfaces to beautify and protect your bike to make it sparkle just like new!

Wash & Shine 66 is a multi award-winning bike wash developed by leading mercian and german chemical and nanotechnology engineers , and now it’s going global! Loyal and passionate bike riders from all across the world are falling in love with Wash & Shine 66, and we know that once you try it on your own bike, you will too!