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Premium Driveway, Patio, & Paver Sealer - StoneprotecT SP5000 169 fl oz for up to 600 sqft

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StoneprotecT SP5000

Premium Driveway, Patio, & Paver Sealer

Keep your outdoor surfaces looking their best with StoneprotecT SP5000, a professional-grade driveway sealer, patio sealer, and paver sealer.

Are you tired of the constant battle to keep your driveway, patio, pool deck, and pavers looking pristine?

Traditional cleaning methods, such as pressure and power washing, can be time-consuming, wasteful, and even damaging to your surfaces. We have the perfect solution for you: Stoneprotect SP5000 Sealant!

The Problem with Pressure and Power Washing:

🚫 Time-Consuming: An average driveway of 800 sqft takes 2-3 hours to clean with a pressure washer.

🚫Water Waste: This process consumes about 260-300 gallons of water, which isn't environmentally friendly.

🚫Detergents: A significant amount of detergent is used, which then washes into the sewer system.

🚫Surface Damage: High-pressure washing can harm the surface, making it more absorbent. This results in more water and dissolved dirt seeping into the concrete stone, necessitating even more frequent cleaning.

Introducing the Solution: Stoneprotect SP5000 Stone, Concrete and Paver Sealant

See the product in action and find out how easy it is to apply.

Our Stoneprotect SP5000 Sealant offers an unparalleled solution to these common problems. 
This advanced sealant provides long-term protection from dirt, algae, and green mould, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain clean and beautiful with minimal effort.

Why Choose Stoneprotect SP5000?

Long-Term Protection: Say goodbye to frequent cleaning. Our sealant forms a protective barrier that repels dirt and prevents algae and efflorescence buildup.

Proven Effectiveness: Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across Europe have experienced the benefits of Stoneprotect SP5000. Their testimonials speak volumes about the product's efficiency and durability.

Time and Money Savings: By reducing the need for regular cleaning, our sealant helps you save both time and money. Enjoy more of your free time without worrying about maintaining your outdoor surfaces.

Easy Application: Applying Stoneprotect SP5000 is quick and hassle-free. In just a few simple steps, you can achieve long-lasting protection for your surfaces.

Trusted by tens of thousands customers: SP5000 took European Customers by storm and is trusted by tens of thousands of customers since more than 10 years!

Order Now and Transform Your Outdoor Spaces:
Take advantage of this special offer and experience the benefits of Stoneprotect SP5000 for yourself.


Key Features of StoneprotecT SP5000 Patio, Driveway and Paver Sealer.

  • Long Lasting Protection from water, dirt and green mould

    Reduces water penetration and prevents dirt from entering the stone capillaries

  • Easy to Apply

    Simple application process with a roller, brush, or sprayer

  • Fast Drying

    Dries in 30-45 minutes, allowing for immediate use

  • Long-Lasting

    Provides protection for up to years, depending on the type of stone

  • Retreatable

    Can be reapplied to existing SP5000 surfaces without removing the old layer


  • Easy Cleaning

    Surfaces remain clean for longer, reducing maintenance

  • No more constant power washing 

    Safe time and money. No more constant power washing at least 1-2 a year.

  • Enhanced Appearance

    Protects the natural beauty of your stones

Application Instructions

  1. Pre-Cleaning

    Ensure surfaces are free of old sealants, grease, dust, and dirt.

  2. Application

    Apply SP5000 by roller, brush, or sprayer. Fastest is to spray.

  3. Drying

    Let the surface dry for 30-45 minutes.

  4. Testing

    Test the surface by applying a few drops of water.

See the difference between a SP5000 coated and uncoated patio after almost 1.5 years! 


Q: How much Stoneprotect SP5000 patio, driveway and paver sealer do I need for my surface?
A: As the manufacturer, we recommend calculating the amount of Stoneprotect SP5000 needed based on the absorbency of your specific surface. But how do you determine the absorbency of your surface? Try this simple DIY test:
Absorbency Test:
  1. Pour a few drops of water onto your surface.
  2. Observe how quickly the water is absorbed.
    • If the water is absorbed quickly (within 1 - 15 seconds), your surface is highly absorbent.
    • If the water takes longer to absorb (45 seconds to - 1.5 minutes), your surface is moderately absorbent.
    • if the water takes about 2 -3 minutes to be absorbed it is a slow absorbing surfacen
    • If the water forms droplets won`t be absorbed and stay on the surface, your surface is non-absorbent. In this case a Sealant won`t work at all.
While our testing shows that a single layer can cover up to 600 square feet with 1.32 Gal (5L) on very slow absorbent surfaces, our experience with tens of thousands of customers suggests that most patios and driveways require at least two "wet-on-wet" applications for optimal results. Therefore, we recommend planning for:
  • 200 square feet of coverage per 1.32 Gal (5L) for highly absorbent surfaces for a single spray application
  • 300-400 square feet of coverage per 1.32 Gal (5L) for moderately absorbent surfaces with a single spray application
  • 500-600 square feet of coverage per 1.32 Gal (5L) for very slow absorbent surfaces
For larger areas or to guarantee the best results, we suggest using our SP5000 Concentrate, which is equivalent to 2 x 1.32 Gal of ready-to-use product.


Q: Can StoneprotecT be applied on top of an existing sealer?

A: Yes, if the previous sealing was also done with StoneprotecT. However, if the stones have been treated with third-party products, these must first be completely removed. Otherwise, StoneprotecT stone sealer will not be able to bond to the stones because the ingredients of the other products might prevent bonding.

Q: Does StoneprotecT prevent staining of the stone surface?

A: The unique nanotechnology in StoneprotecT SP5000 produces the well-known lotus effect. In the future, you will be able to remove dirt from the stone surface much more easily. In the best case, the sealant will effectively protect your stones from accumulating dust and dirt for many months or even years. On horizontal surfaces such as garage driveways, the visible effect may be less and last for a shorter time than on vertical surfaces such as on walls where effect was still seen even after 8 years.

Q: Can the sealant also be applied to facades?

A: Yes, you can also apply StoneprotecT SP5000 nanosealing to open-pored, absorbent unsealed facade surfaces. This includes, for example, plaster facades.

A: Does the sealant remove green mould and moss? 

A: StoneprotecT SP5000 is a stone and concrete sealer, not an algaecide. Therefore, the impregnation does not remove green deposits, moss or algae from the stone. But once applied it prevents for a long time. 

Q: How do I store StoneprotecT SP5000?

A: Put the sealer in a cool but frost-free place. Keep the canister tightly closed. In particular, seal open canisters tightly. StoneprotecT SP5000 can be stored for up to 2 years. Make sure to shake well before use.

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