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Motorcycle cleaning towels ++ Car cleaning towels ++ Best cleaning towels to clean, dry and polish your motorcycle, car, truck or RV.

 Here you will find the best motorcycle cleaning towels, car cleaning towels, truck cleaning towels and RV cleaning towels.

Premium microfibre towels developed and made for your needs to gain perfect cleaning and shine. 

All our premium microfibre towels are developed and made for Shinykings California.  These special microfibre cleaning towels combine a special high fibre and low fibre microfibre.

Shinykings Californias` special premium cleaning towels are designed for perfect clean and shine experience on all surfaces.

These premium towels are designed to be used with waterless car wash, waterless motorcycle wash, and other regular shampoos for best cleaning, drying and polishing experience on all surfaces of your motorcycle, car, truck or RV. 

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